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AiR i Örebro län


Artist in Residence in Örebro County - Art in the public space

AiR in Örebro County is a new international and interdisciplinary artist-in-residence program with an orientation towards art in the public space.

AiR in Örebro County is a fully funded residence program, inviting 6 contemporary artists, craftsmen and designers, with an interest in working within the framework of art in the public space, to live and work during a period of 7 weeks during 2022 in one of four participating municipalities in Örebro County.

The hosting sites has all a unique environment and history, spanning from the old mining site in Stripa, the historical Frövifors paper mill museum, the cultural heritage village of Nora and weapon industry centre of Karlskoga, to the university city of Örebro with its well-known and growing contemporary art biennial OpenART.

Object of the program is to initiate new professional networks through international exchange, developing the regional art scene and to offer the participating artists the possibility of elaborating on and exploring new processes, methods and designs in their work with art in the public space.

The program facilitates opportunities for residents to engage with institutions, organizations, local actors and communities as well as the public.  

Invited artists are provided with a working stipend of 36000SEK (incl. fees and taxes), accommodation, travel expenses covered, and studio and workshop space depending on the needs of the artist and place of residence.

Residents are expected to present their work in a public lecture, and to participate in network meetings. There are possibilities of giving a finalizing show or presentation of outcomes if requested by the artist.   

The program is held in English and is open to a multitude of disciplines. Applicants must hold a non-Swedish citizenship.

The duration of the program is 7 weeks in total, divided in two periods. The first period consisting of ten day, serving as an introduction, networking and researching phase, where all residents partake. The second period consists of 5 weeks either in spring or summer/fall depending on the hosting site chosen.  


First session March 21th - 31th

Introduction, networking, research phase. All residents partake.

Second session April 25th - May 29 th or August 8th - September 11th

Work phase, each resident focus individually on their project.


Questions are answered by Mattias Käll, Visual arts development manager in Region Örebro County: mattias.kall@regionorebrolan.se

Air in Örebro County is a collaboration between municipalities and Region Örebro County. AiR in Örebro County also collaborates with local artists and art associations as well as the OpenART biennale. AiR in Örebro County is supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee's international programme for Visual and Applied Artists, IASPIS.


Participating artists 2022


Lindesbergs municipality

Frövifors pappersbruksmuseum

Artist: Isabella Mazzanti, Italy



Lindesbergs municipality

Stripa Gruva

Artist: Marina Jacob, Germany





Artist: Kata Hinterlechner and Bosko, Austria




Örebro konsthall

Artist: Cora Jongsma, Netherlands





Artist: Diane Landry, Canada





About the Residences

Stripa Gruva (Lindesberg municipality)

Stripa mines dates back to mediaeval times and is the best preserved historical iron mining sites in Sweden. Today it serves as a museum, as well as a platform for cultural events, concerts, theatre, art shows and it even has its own micro-brewery. Stripa is situated in the municipality of Lindesberg.

The local hosts request for applicant’s artistic practice to have some affiliation to mining or minerals.

Accommodation and studio space will be offered in the mining area or in close proximity. 

Frövifors Pappersbruksmuseum (Lindesberg municipality)

The Frövifors paper mill museum is situated just by the modern and in-use paper mill Billerud Korsnäs. The museum is an exciting mix of contemporary and historical environment, offering cultural events, paper art exhibitions and music concerts, as well as exhibiting the old historical methods and equipment for paper making. Frövifors Pappersbruksmuseum is of the last years establishing as a national platform for contemporary paper art. Frövifors is situated in the municipality of Lindesberg.

The local host encourages applicants interested in working with paper as a medium and has a wish for the invited artist to present their work in an exhibition during the summer.

Studio space will be offered in the old paper mill. Accommodation is presented in the charming old workers cottage from 1906, now serving as a hostel.  


Nora is a small rural municipality with a rich cultural heritage, famous for being one of Sweden’s best preserved and most picturesque wooden towns. The area has a vivid cultural scene, consisting of numerous artists, crafts people, and actors. The residence program in Nora will be held in close co-operation with local artists and the creation of the yearly art festival and art walk named Ljusstråk. The resident will receive an open working space in the former brewery building, which will later transform into a showroom during the Ljusstråk art festival. The invited artist is required to present in a finalizing exhibition during Ljusstråk art festival.

Accommodation is offered in close proximity to the studio space and will be announced later. 


Örebro is one of the larger cities of Sweden, inhabiting 150000 citizens; it is the administrative centre of Örebro County. Historically it has been a trading point and best known as “city of shoes and biscuits”. Today Örebro hosts the well-known contemporary art biennial OpenART and in recent years, public art and the OpenART art biennial has given new perspectives on the city. Örebro Municipality want to invite an artist who is interested in developing new methods and processes for working with the intersection between art and the public. The city has a number of studio associations, artist-run galleries and workshop spaces possible to use.

The participating artist will be offered studio and accommodation in collaboration with Örebro art school and a newly founded farm co-operative located 15 km from the city centre.


Mattias Käll, Development manager - Visual Arts, Region Örebro County, has the mission to work strategically and in long term to develop and support the art infrastructure throughout the county. The mission includes giving the citizens of the county the opportunity of art experience regardless of background, knowledge, where you live in the county and other conditions. Children and young people are prioritized. It also includes creating better conditions for artists to work throughout the county and to improve the ability of professional artists to develop and pursue their profession.

Region Örebro County is a political assembly elected by the citizens. An executive board leads and coordinates Region Örebro Countys activities, first and foremost in the field of the public health care system. Region Örebro County is also responsible for research, education and regional growth. It is also engaged in questions concerning economy, the European market, environmental issues, communications, tourism and Culture.


AiR Örebro län - konst i det offentliga rummet

Internationellt Artist In Residensprogram i Örebro län

Det internationella Artist in Residensprogrammet i Örebro län (AiR i Örebro län) är ett nytt residensprogram med inriktning mot konst i det offentliga rummet.

AiR i Örebro län bjuder in internationellt verksamma samtidskonstnärer, konsthantverkare och formgivare som är intresserade av att utveckla nya processer och gestaltningar för konst i det offentliga rummet.

Syftet med residensprogrammet är att utveckla den lokala och regionala konstscenen genom internationellt utbyte, nya nätverk och kompetenser för professionella konstaktörer. Deltagande konstnärer kommer kunna samverka tillsammans med institutioner, lokala aktörer och medborgare i Örebro län.

Inbjudna konstnärer erhåller ett arvode om 36000kr inkl. skatter och avgifter (F-skatt) för sju veckors engagemang, AiR i Örebro län står för boende, resa till och från residensorten och arbetslokaler som kan se olika ut beroende på önskemål, utövad konstart och behov.

Residenset har engelska som arbetsspråk och är öppet för alla konstformer. Sökande ska vara verksam i annat land än Sverige.

Programmet är totalt 7 veckor uppdelat på två perioder.

Första perioden om tio dagar fokuserar på introduktion till de olika platserna och på nätverkande. I denna period deltar alla inbjudna konstnärer samtidigt.

Den andra perioden är 5 veckor och är förlagd till antingen vår eller sommar/höst beroende på ort.

Frågor om programmet kan besvaras av Mattias Käll, utvecklingsledare för bild och form i Region Örebro län: mattias.kall@regionorebrolan.se

Residensprogrammet är en samverkan mellan Örebro läns kommuner och Region Örebro län. AiR i Örebro län samarbetar även med konst- och föreningsliv i länet och OpenART biennalen.

AiR i Örebro län sker i samverkan med Konstnärsnämndens internationella program för bild- och formkonst, IASPIS.


Mattias Käll

Utvecklingsledare Bild och Form/Development manager - Visual Arts


Ulrika Stigbäck

Utvecklingsledare Bild och Form/Development manager - Visual Arts


Område Kultur och Ideell sektor

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701 16 Örebro


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